(cuz I'M In Love With You..) Poem by Dislocated Heart

(cuz I'M In Love With You..)

Rating: 2.8

Everything used to be perfect..
She woke me up,
and I put her to bed..
We talk all night long..
holding on to everything we had..


We sleep early,
She doesnt call,
and I'm wishing all to be just like before..

Seasons passing,
my heart falling deep into your love..
swimming in your passionate voice..
cuz with every word you speak,
my heart swims bak into your arms and feeling more loved then ever..

I constantly think, maybe I dont deserve such love,
but when you tell me: Never to think that way..
It put the biggest smile on my face..

Love is once in a life time..
so I'm taking this leap of faith with you babe..
I want to spend forever and day with you..
For the rest of my life, I want to see you everyday and every chance I get..
Kiss you every morning and night,
Hold you till you fall asleep..

All that we ever imagined I'll make it all come true,
Cuz I'm in Love with You..

Jinal Oswal 25 July 2012

Love, I think after air and water we need love... I loved it... Sometimes I wonder we have so much to give and there is no one who is worth it.... Thanks for sharing these beautiful emotions

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Dannie Urban 15 March 2011

i think is wonderful. really. bravo. thankz for sharing it. :)

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Adriana Ellis 06 December 2010

I feel so bad that i havent read any of your poems in so long...but this one is wonderful...great job

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