! So.. Will You Marry Me? ? ? Poem by Dislocated Heart

! So.. Will You Marry Me? ? ?

Rating: 2.7

Hey Baby,
I go through my everyday with a smile,
cuz I got such a great girl.
You mean so much to me,
It's impossible to describe.
All I can say is that,
I Need You,
Night and day,
I Need You.

You are by far the sweetest girl I've ever met,
My love for you is massive,
Its more than space itself,
galaxy and all.

I cant see my life without you,
I want to kiss you everyday,
I want to tell you I love you every minute I'm with you.
and I want to be with you for the rest of my life.

You are so amazing,
You heart full of gold,
and that smile, knocks me off my feet each time..

Everyday I just fall more in love with you,
is there even a way to this describe this?
I dont know, but girl, I Love You So Much.
My heart and soul is yours.
I've never felt this way bout anyone and I know I never will feel this way again bout anyone but you.
Its only you girl.
I want you to be my wifey,
The girl I go home to every night after a long day..
cuz no one makes me happy like you do..
I want you to be the only one I kiss forever and now..
I wanna hold you every night cuddling..
I want you to be the only one I make love to..
and start a family with..
You're that girl..
You're my one and only..
My forever and always...

Will You.....Marry Me? ? ? .............

esther syomiti 25 May 2018

its good

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Anastasia Rose 28 March 2011

very nice. i like it!

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Prince Obed de la Cruz 25 June 2010

a poem on proposal... that's nice... well penned

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