*my Rose...* Poem by Dislocated Heart

*my Rose...*

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Babe, let me give you 12 roses..
I will love you till each one dies and fades away.

Little did she kno..
One was fake..
One that will last forever.

Babe, Put them roses in a vase.
Water them..
and watch each one fade.

Till the last one..
You'll see..
my love..
Will forever stay.

babe, my love is like that one rose..
I'll stay faithful,
so please dont let me go..

My love is like That one Rose...

Anong All 07 October 2008

that's really sweet.. you gave to me as ur reading, a really nice feeling in my heart.. very nice

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Pandora Chaos 10 October 2008

ah thats a sweet poem! ! im sure the girl u wrote this poem 2 will truely love it.

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Sebastine Humaemo 26 November 2008

sweet poem....keep going....

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Justina Haner 09 February 2010

pls pls pls never stop writing these poems.......i want one so bad peace + love, Justina Nicole

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Patti Masterman 07 August 2009

This is fabulous. And witty. I do love this one. You gotta lotta poems, Maestro!

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left alone and forgotten 19 April 2009

beautiful i hope you continue to wright more unique

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Sarah Wes 05 April 2009

very pretty. what a great way to represent love. please continue to write more.

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Katrina Pilon 06 January 2009

i like this poem its so sweet i like it

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