Walking Away Poem by Christina Phan

Walking Away

Rating: 4.5

I'm happier when you left
I'm learning to love myself more and I become less confused
At this point I understand what I want and what is right for me
I know there is someone out there for me who appreciate me and love me for who I am
Walking away
All you want was one thing and was using me
I finally open my eyes and realized that good guys are better and is one for me
I don't want this in relationship
I want take things slow and get to know that person
I want guy who respect me, funny, that
I can have good time with, love me, and good personality
I hope one day I meet Mr. Right
Walking away
After all we been through
We both want different things
It will never work no matter how much we try too
Me leaving was right thing to do
I want better for myself
I can honestly say I can finally move on
I'm glad that I am
Walking away

H - K 05 October 2011

Great poem, love the title too. I think many can relate to this.

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Vipins Puthooran 22 September 2011

It's the feelings from the deep of you, (I'm glad that I am Walking away) .nice end line..

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Abhimanyu Kumar.s 08 September 2011

very sweet emotions displayed. good keep it up

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Aqeb Benazir 07 September 2011

good message delivered. has a relating touch.

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Christina Phan

Christina Phan

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