18 Years Old Poem by Christina Phan

18 Years Old

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Tomorrow I'm
18 years old
I been waiting for this all my life
I get to do what I want and now I’m free
Live where I want
Do what I never done before
Date who I want to
Chase after my dream
Now I’m young adult and all grown up
I have to be responbility and make right choice
I start getting and understand life
I’m matured young lady
If I get in trouble now
I will go to jail which I will never do
I’m getting ready to be
18 years old
One day I'm going out in this world and face it’s
There is no hiding
I can’t believe this day come already
I been waiting for this day to come
I get to make my own choices now
I’m finally
18 years old


Turning 18 is 3 or 4 years from now for me and before my 18th birthday I want to do so many things(of course that are legal) that no one can do... i want adventure! but anyway, Happy 18th Birthday! It's a whole new chapter or book awaits!

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Ahmed Abomahfouz 17 August 2011

beautiful poems, in fact yes age of 18 is the age of flower blossoming and age of happiness.

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Santosh Sharma 25 July 2011

Escatcy , sense of freedom of Choice and taking up responsiblity very well narrated in the poem one of it's kind - Enjoyable - 9

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Subbaraman N V 08 January 2011

All the best! Freedom has its own limitations.Take care. Think twice before you decide Don't rush. Do thake the advice/suggestions of the elders.All the best again!

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Kesav Easwaran 04 June 2010

a poetic greeting to your own adulthood...good poem Christina...your words carry grace...10

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Preetam Shetty 28 May 2010

Belated happy returns of the day dear.... Yes because you are 18 now, you have the rights but then dont forget your responsibilities And there were those two angels who gave you the chance and looked after you till this 18th year.......give them love till you survive

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