Watery Lane

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The slow, thoughtful walk down to the river,
Reminds me of the last time and I get a shiver,
Standing there watching water flow by,
Finally I realise its like saying goodbye,

Its there one minute and gone with the blink of an eye,
Gone! Before you know it and all you can do is sigh,

As I sit on the eroded, cobbled wall watching time slip away,
Memories come back of many a day,
When laughter filled the banks of watery lane,
But now filled will silence, coated with pain,

Glazing into the water staring at my reflection,
Watching the water flow in one direction,

Slowly slipping away, standing back on the bridge,
You hear laughter and follow it round the ridge,
There you are splashing around laughing again,
Watching your life slowly drift down the drain,

The sun bounces of the water, and into your heart,
Locked away in memories, nothing will ever make us part

Fish swirl around, weaving through the rocks and weeds,
Searching for things to meet there needs,
Causing ripples on the surface of something so calm,
But so small that they cause no harm,

Time is consuming you and you just sit the watch in the summers breeze,
Taking life head on with the simplest ease,

And the sun begins to set, on your heart and body,
You can here the laughter and warmth of somebody,
There in the water is his reflection, standing with you,
Gazing into the calm, chilled water too,

And then its gone your right back, re-united with the pain,
Scattered through out memory lane…

February 2005

Allan James Saywell 24 February 2005

I gave you ten for effort james, i will tell you something about poetry the less you say, the more people will understand, what you have to say think about this for a while, get back to me, we will have a talk example) the goodby was said In the chill morning As i slowly walked to the river Warm regards AJS

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