We Poem by Goldheart Bird


In a life time,
What matter's most?
Who are we?
Can we achive a goal of our dreams?

In a life time,
Do you ask?
Who am I?
What is life for?

We can achive!
If you only...
Belive in your-self

Be strong, hold back your fears,
Walk through the cold snow.
Holding back your tears.
Griping on a wall, standing single on a cold mountain.

We are here to make the world better.
Do lisen to the one who tease,
The one who mocks you mocks himself.
We are what matter,
We all have a destiny,
You're a kind hearted person inside.
And forever

Wednesday, April 30, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: life
This might take away your understanding, and think this is a bad poem, if it is, please don't say mean things.
Khairul Ahsan 20 July 2018

'We are here to make the world better' - yes, we (the poets) are!

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Beach Girl 29 May 2014

I like some of the points that you make in your poem. Believe in yourself, be strong, don't worry about those who mock you, what matters most is kindness and that's what helps to make the world a better place. At least that's what I appreciated most about your poem.. A very mature and wise girl you are!

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Bri Edwards 23 May 2014

G.B. i save most of my mean words for my wife. so you are spared! i'll only correct one of the spelling errors, as i find it most important. Griping on a wall, standing single on a cold mountain. if i am correct, griping is a form of the verb gripe which means 'to complain', while what-i-think-you-want, gripping is a form of the verb grip which means 'to hang on (to something) tightly'. SO, although i suppose one could be griping on a wall, it would make more sense to be gripping on a wall. i do like this poem. this i think is my favorite line: Be strong, hold back your fears, .......of course fear can be protective (at times) when heeded. it can also be limiting (at other times) , as you suggest. thanks for sharing. :) bri

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