Books Poem by Goldheart Bird


Rating: 3.6

May be your least loved,
But it blooms for you, like a sakura tree.
Spreading beauty upon.
Learn to love them.
They are the only friend I hold.
Books, teaches you many unknown things on earth.
There are silly stories,
Thick chapter stories,
They all can be loved.
If you understand Literature, and how much it means.

My friend dared me to write my WORST poem ever. Here! It is deticateed to Amy Kawai. Even though she doesn't love books that much. She would love it later on.
Cassandra Jasmine 19 February 2014

Hey sis, for once, there aren't any grammatical, or spelling errors! ! BRAVO! Yep, true, true; Books are my life! ;) 10 from me!

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Nika Mcguin 19 February 2014

My sentiments exactly: Oh, estranged books be my friends once again hide me, within your pages, crannies, and nooks And to come out anon, I would not fain

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Khairul Ahsan 12 August 2018

Someone who holds books as 'the only friend', must be a very knowledgeable person. Nice poem.

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Shania K. Younce 18 March 2014

I really enjoy reading. I read a lot when I'm not doing stuff for school. A very good poem. Bien!

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Bri Edwards 09 March 2014

G.B. i am getting more suspicious with each comment i read below. could they know something i have only suspected once or twice? ? ? i found below: the best worst poem i've read and you can do better bad poems than that! . well, for now i'll still believe you are a future violin virtuoso, a little girl, and a pet-and-book lover....all rolled into one. thanks for sharing. :) bri

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Kaelyn Kawai 23 February 2014

ignore my sister. sorry about it. you see, theresa promise technology is only until 9: 00 and after 9: 00 she reads.........comic books. not even good ones. just ones u would actually want to read if ur lazy. (my sister is amy emily)

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Amy Kawai 20 February 2014

Com' can do better bad poems than that! !

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