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May be your least loved,
But it blooms for you, like a sakura tree.
Spreading beauty upon.

Animals would live happily in the wild,
Flowers would dance,
And the wind will play ing my hair,
In my dreams

You’re the one who understand me.
We talk to each-other telling secrets that only you can understand.
You’re big, cute round eyes,
Looking straight at me,


Your never forgoten in my heart.
I can see you prancing about in the big yard.
Seeing you happy gives me joy.

Your eyes, like a pearl,
Shining when we play,
Your adorable head looking, straight at me.

Flowers blossom, at your window,
Showing the beauty of spring.
Birds chirping on green, leafy trees.
The grass is lush, and beautiful.


In a life time,
What matter's most?
Who are we?
Can we achive a goal of our dreams?

A layer of ice, freshly lade on the grass.
The sun arrives shortly after the mist dissapers.
Leaving the world with beuty,


Life is never perfect,
None of us are perfect.
We must live through hard ships.
And move on,

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May be your least loved,
But it blooms for you, like a sakura tree.
Spreading beauty upon.
Learn to love them.
They are the only friend I hold.
Books, teaches you many unknown things on earth.
There are silly stories,
Thick chapter stories,
They all can be loved.
If you understand Literature, and how much it means.

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Khairul Ahsan 03 September 2013

A young poetess, Allison Love has already made her mark in this forum. She is brilliant, beautiful! I second what Cassandra Jasmine has said about her. I liked the 'Solar System' in her comment.

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Cassandra Jasmine 03 September 2013

Allison Love is a brilliant poet who never hesitates to put her feelings into words. She knows when to speak up, yet she knows when to keep quiet. In public, when she truly speaks up, people listen. She may be small, but her heart expands as vast as our Solar System.

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