We Are One Poem by Beena Jal

We Are One

Are all of us not one
one from the depth of soul
we; all under one sun
just doing seperate role

Are the tears all not same
or blood the same red
same is the place from where we came
and go to when we are dead

One is the heart
the musical sound of glee
from day one we start
common, our need to be free

We breathe the very same way
we strive for love, us all
strive we, for a happy day
and fear a very bad fall

We may be seperate in skin
in way we communicate
the place we reside in
our language and our gait

But we breathe the same air
and live the same way
then why is this fear
of people far away?

They are unacceptably different
wrong doers they are
lets kill these aliens
before they start war

Non understandable point of view
they pollute this peaceful world
lets exterminate this crew
so badly, they cant be heard!

Why we think we are so right?
others unacceptably wrong
hate them 'coz they are white
or they are black so hit 'em strong

We are right, so are they
two sides of same picture
let everyone live their way
live peacefully with mother nature

Afzal Shauq 31 May 2010

yes you are right..we are one..even being children of adam's family we are true cousins of all.. liked your humanity based idea..and appreciate your idea and thoughful intention...

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Shakil Ahmed 20 November 2009

very nice thoughts on universal brotherhood. your expression is very beautiful. thanks for sharing. take care.

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Luwi Habte 17 November 2009

yes! we are one as we are from one we are one as we are in one we are one as we are one nice piece luwi

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Catrina Heart 16 November 2009

wonderful poem shared...............

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Beena Jal

Beena Jal

Rawalpindi, Pakistan
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