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to find that special someone
with him 'to be one'
isn't this what every girl wants

All my life I felt immortal
Family, fortune, I had it all
Then a second is all it took
My world, my dream place shook

The question is how alone am I?
In this world full of smiles
This melody of happy rhymes
The gateway of long gay miles

my heart is so heavy
my way hopelessly foggy

my smile; so shallow

through the clouds it drifts
a sea of milk

a ray of hope

Are all of us not one
one from the depth of soul
we; all under one sun
just doing seperate role

Bright as day, red as rose
Precious as a pile of gold
Who can pay the price of blood
In this very life

i have tried all so hard
i struggle to make it through
do you know why i strive
my parents; its for you

The calm i feel in my heart
A new refreshing wondrous start
The rainbow of love n bliss
Smile playing on my lips

Am i really ready to be
Dat which i hav to be
Can i stand as strong
Can i really run that long

wen the sky turbs dark
wen clouds all spark
wen the day turns cold
thr storms become bold

Have u ever felt a storm so quite
You are not even sure it exists
It blows out every shining light
Its so grand its off every list

Have you ever stopped to hear the wind
The voices of birds as the merrily sing
Have to ever tried to spot glourious star
which look so near, and yet so far

i dont want to
take any responsibilty.
for the decision making
is such a big thing

over the centuries man has tried
to conquer nature and slave its might

he built concrete high rising homes

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Life changes us as we move along it. Who im today mayb a complete stranger to who i will be tomorrow. Who im to you would be in complete contrast to who im to someone else. So pure and as deceiving as that one word permits)

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What A Girl Wants

to find that special someone
with him 'to be one'
isn't this what every girl wants

to be a very special bride
have a loving man by her side
isn't this what every girl wants

all her life love him true
and his heart loves her too
isn't this what every girl wants

the question, me it haunts
what is it that i want?

a love, care that last forever
understanding, decreasing never

but is it too much to ask
is this an impossible task

what is true love by the way
'for ever n ever' as to say

the love notes, romantic lines
flowers and 'i love u' signs

how long do they last
does love dissipate that fast?

can there be 'ever lasting love'
from time's time which is above

can love outlive our life
still be alive when we are ninety five

even with the fight and cries
and with life's trials

can i hope a life of love
a life like a free dove

can i hope to feel, that feel
all my wounds that will heal

dare i wish for a love that
fills my heart every day

even when my hair are gray
and my grand kids play

my husband says to me
you are my life, pretty

does such a love exist
can i pray for it at least

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