Price Of Blood Poem by Beena Jal

Price Of Blood

Rating: 3.8

Bright as day, red as rose
Precious as a pile of gold
Who can pay the price of blood
In this very life
And yet there are few
They, the devil’s crew
They play a very deadly game
Money is the winner’s claim
They plot, they plan the moves
Their cunning eyes, that of wolves
They deal in hate and blood
They are a source of wicked flood

All the innocent lives taken
By these evi, God forsaken
Each dropp of blood spelled
Every young man killed
Every cry for help there
Each eye filled with tear
All these deeds and crimes
Riot, chaos and the lies
For this they have to pay
They too will cry one day
May be here they will hide
Law may not touch their pride

But spelled blood never forget
Justice will at last be given
Live, live till you can
Try and get all wrongly gains
For, the clock is ticking hard
Try and gather all in greed
A judge waits for you
You cann’t run whatever you do
All the blood will the speak
Your defense will be weak
Equality there you will face
What will you do then? Eh

Bright as day, red as rose
Precious as a pile of gold
Blood will then take it’s price
And you will pay with your lives

Syeda Beenish Jalil

ata khan 16 November 2009

So true and soul stirring. I wish they can read it too. 10+++++

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Ravinder Malhotra 30 April 2009

Excellent topic to pick up and write about.....Needs polishing

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rago rago 30 April 2009

the last stanza as bright as day, read as rose, precious as a pile of gold blood will then take itss price, and you will pay with your lives......a good judgement. A very nice poem.

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Beena Jal

Beena Jal

Rawalpindi, Pakistan
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