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We Never Forget Them

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Our family pet wasn't really considered a pet, we thought of
her as a family member. She was a beautiful white poodle full
of love. she was an elegant little lady and she knew it.

Candy had a boyfriend named, Charlie, he picked her up every
morning to go for their morning run. Dogs ran freely back then. Charlie and Candy truly loved each other. They were always back within thirty minutes and Charlie stayed for a visit. Like clockwork he stood at the door waiting to be let out, knowing his family would be home soon.
One sad morning, things changed. For some reason they didn't take
their normal route and went towards the busy street instead, Charlie made it across but Candy was hit by an oncoming car. The gentleman that hit her came to the door, my youngest son told me the news. I ran to the door and the gentleman was in tears. I saw my little Candy lying on the lawn shaking with little life left. She died very quickly.

I lost a family member that day and to this day I'm still saddened
by it. I bought two ceramic poodle dogs and they look a sight now,
chipped paint etc. but my daughter and two sons just can't part with
those poodle dogs. They like them just the way they are. We keep
them in memory of our family member Candy.

Since the death of Candy, years later we were blessed with Finny
for sixteen years but we had to say good-bye to Finny when he
became very ill. We currently have two black Labs and a cat and they
are a joy. They love me so much, crying when I cry and dancing
when I'm happy, not the cat of course. What wonderful treasures God
gives us.

When the time comes, I'll thank God For the moments of joy I had
with them through the years and be grateful for that. The time we
spend with them is such a pleasure. Saying good-bye is never easy, but I know Diamond that God knows you did the right thing when you chose to end the suffering. so we do what we know is best just as God knows what is best for us.

Now it's time to reflect on the past, the happy days you spent together, the joy you felt when you watched Mitsy run, the happiness you felt when you chose a name for her and how proud you were when family and friends loved her too. she will always be in your thoughts and when you look at her pictures a smile will Grace your face as you recall the memories. Be happy for Mitsy, she's at peace.

Thursday, November 12, 2015
Candy Poems: 446 / 500
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Loke Kok Yee 13 November 2015

I had a cat named Black for fifteen years she was my pet I still miss her today thanks Melvina

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Sandra Feldman 12 November 2015

I read your wonde4rful prose poem. I cried so much, was so touched by it., I could hardly see the keyboard. I lost my beloved Sandy a month ago. I cry every day, I miss him so.Life is very empty without him. Its unbelievable how much a part of yourself these wonderful creatures become, even if we have not given birth to them, they are, as you said, dearest family, to love and trust forever. Thank you for your lovely poem. My tears were mixed with a few smiles.

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