Bri Mar

'' We'Re All Different, Not Disabled '' - Poem by Bri Mar

If you class yourself as ‘'normal',
Why are you not aware,
That all of us are different,
So why the need to stare.

What does being ‘' normal'' mean?
Exactly how is it defined?
If you don't fit the stereotype,
Does it merit you being maligned?

We didn't ask to be this way,
But life's challenges we accept,
We work and laugh the same as you,
Truth is we're quite adept.

Some individuals are born this way,
Others by sheer chance,
By treating us all as equals,
Our lives you will enhance.

Try not to be judgemental,
There's more to life than wealth,
If we had the chance to choose,
We'd rather have good health.

We have our partners some have kids,
The mortgage and the stress,
Our lives are much the same as yours,
Same problems more or less.

We go out to our work each day,
We socialise and play,
Pay our dues the way you do
There is no other way.

When you're in our company,
This should hold no fear,
You can talk to us directly,
Some of us can hear.

When we try to integrate,
You will always get the clown,
Who'll look at you and comment?
‘' They should have that put down ''.

None of us are perfect,
All human beings have flaws,
So think about the damage,
Remarks like that can cause.

Some say we've got it easy,
We come out on top,
If you really think that,
With you we'd gladly swap.

We may be in a wheelchair,
Some can barely walk,
There are the blind and infirm,
Those who can't hear or talk.

Some have problems mentally,
But like us they want to survive,
If we take the time to help them,
They can be glad they are alive.

Disadvantages are prevalent,
They come in all shapes and sizes,
Both the mental and physical,
Appear in many guises.

This is true of life itself,
That's why we're all unique,
Just think if we were all the same,
We'd have our troubles to seek.

We all have problems of our own,
You know that to be true,
Regardless of your troubles,
We will not look down on you.

Try not to treat us differently,
We don't ask for any favours,
Being treated as an equal,
Is what everybody savours?

We just ask you to be considerate,
Try not be all seeing,
When you look at me I want you to see,
Just another human being.

If you want to get to know the facts,
Then get your questions tabled,
Like every living thing on earth,

‘' We're All Different, Not Disabled ''.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Written as a tribute to all of the paralympic competitors who are equal to their olympic colleagues and every other human being.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, August 30, 2012

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