We Stand Poem by Phinda Mkhonta

We Stand

Rating: 4.3

Forever we stand, forever we stand,
We must strain our God given talent
Until they cry for mercy, our eminent
Talent must be a rain to the dry African deserts,
Let us hear the ego African drums in our conscience,
Dance to them to crack the globe in abundance,
The atoms of our strength must magnificent
Glow each time we grow to go in this journey upfront
to harmony, our harmonious praise of independence
Shall alarm to jump toll to play a vital role from the ground
To break the silver linings of the dark clouds to raise our joy in glee

Forever we stand, forever we stand,
For kissing and hugging all our passion into tranquil,
Through the roistering storms, through rust rough roads,
Through this thick dark perils, we have been taught;
Who we are, where we are and where we are going,
Hope has brought us this present that forever we stand,
Hope drought us through our weary years,
Hope brought us through our dry silent tears,
Africa must prolong to stand in this journey.

Forever we stand, forever we stand,
Our heart must be a riverbank of love for loving,
Our eyes must filtrate things drawn to them,
Our heart must be drugged with love not to disregard
Our enemies, let us neglect but not forget the path where
We met our enemies; we must keep our heart somewhere
Inviolate against the potent poison of our enemy’s hatred,
From decade to centuries, it was Africa, now it is Africa
And in decade and centuries to come it must be the same Africa.
To love we stand,
To our legends we stand,
To our prophets we stand,
Africa, forever we stand.

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