poet Lawrence S. Pertillar

Lawrence S. Pertillar

We Wait Much Too Late

We wait much too late,
Tolerating a procrastination.
While we contemplate whether to take,
Action for those distractions...
We allow our children to create.
And with our encouragement we assist,
The initiating of it.
Then we wait much too late to associate,
Misdeeds and ignorance...
With consequences we must pay.

We wait much too late,
Sifting through devastation and debris to witness...
Eroding values lost on our trashed streets.
As we await for someone to decide,
If funding is needed to provide...
Lessons to teach our people,
How to use brooms to clean up and sweep.
We wait much too late,
For these debates.

We wait much too late,
For those expectations to come.
To correct those mistakes hidden from some,
We hope will save us of heartaches done.
While we hide and deny our own self-inflicted pain.
As we sit with wishes for more empathy to gain.
We wait much too late.
We do!
To make claims there is a unity being pursued.

We contemplate too long.
We do.
We accuse others for our wrongs.
We do.
We choose to procrastinate,
While abusing our children's fate.
We dislike anyone suggesting,
Our minds are in need of evaluations to update.
We point our fingers to lie and gossip,
As we entertain destroying another just for fun.
Everyday to do it done.
To impress we have not forgotten,
How best to oppress anyone before they are shunned.
We do.

And yet,
We wait much too late for fake tears to fall.
With belief sympathy given for the attention we get,
Will be a permanent cure-all...
As others come rushing to fix our illnesses.
Decades in the making,
We can neither face or admit them permitted to exist.
We do.

And we have waited much too late,
In annointed self righteousness confined to twisted minds.
Believing we are deserving to be served,
Dosages of endless apologies and forgiveness all the time...
By those we have shown we do not appreciate.
No matter who it is to do what we decide will be dismissed.

Topic(s) of this poem: life

Poem Submitted: Wednesday, August 19, 2015

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