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weed is good no matter what weed taste good when it is filling my lungs no matter what kind of weed let it be weed and let it be free for the sick and legal for the rest this is my protest aginst the marijuana laws in the united states weed is my favorite kind of herb no matter what the world thinks weed is good peace to all the stoners of the world keep smoking weed and saty high

Serenity Prayer 25 September 2008

i hate weed. ive never tried it and never will. ya'll weed smokers dont realize that youre not just killing yourself but youre killing other who care bout you too. it killed me when i found out bout my dad and weed. ive never felt so hurt and betrade. it does more damage then you think, and im not talking bout physical pain, im talking emotional. whenever people try to talk others out of doing weed they aways say how its not good for you and stuff, but what bout the others. it kills me to know that my dad smokes weed. i have a story if youre interested in listening. im not supposed to tell anyone, but i dont care what they say or do. i was always worried that id disappoint my parents...i never even dreamed that theyd disappoint me. im sorry this is so long, its just my opinion. if i come off as harsh then i am terribly sorry. this is just how i feel.

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Jamey Davidson 09 September 2008

im glad somebody appriciates it like me. maybe check out some of my poems would be cool a couple a few. thanks.

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Arabian Heart 20 August 2008

a herb is still an herb weather good or bad it's amazing though how something so good can be so bad. yet good. tricky little thing write more for me

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