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Through My Eyes

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through my eyes i see love i see hate

through my eyes i see people that disgriminate aginst one another

through my eyes i see gang voilence tearing cities apart

through my eyes i see teenagers having kids and thats just to young

through my eyes i see our economy going down the drain from the war in iraq and our own misteaks

through my eyes i see to many people dieing
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Arabian Heart 20 August 2008

such pain needs laughters how quickly one forgets pain after seeing something funny but that says a lot about us as humans. a humming presence on this poem tell me more

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Cleo Dara 23 June 2008

A sad truth... but the end was a delightful laugh.

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Rachel Butler 30 October 2009

'Through my eyes i see love i see hate' Rachel Ann Butler

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Liz Williams 18 November 2008

I liked it, I can't even think what to say.

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Heather Ferguson 17 November 2008

Hey this one is awsome. I loved it and its so cool.

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Josie Iorianni 24 September 2008

I loved reading it, Its so true about the world today and too see how it impacts on you, and your way of looking at it. Love it. xx

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I like this poem. It is all true...except that last one I'm not to sure about...but it made me laugh. Keep writing boy! Peace out, Lexi Baby

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