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Weed Why Is It Here?

weed why is it here oh yea i know its because god put it here it should be legal for one reason and that is that its not a man made drug coke, meth and the others can screw you up but weed just brightens you up weed why is it here let me tell you its here for us to smoke and eat in our brownies and if you don't agree then you willl have a problem with me

Joseph Poewhit 21 August 2008

Everything in moderation. BUT, with weed you just want more and more and you climb stairs - TILL THERE ARE NO MORE STAIRS but you still climb

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Sathyanarayana M V S 15 December 2008

My dear Ian, I agree with Joe Powit. But your way of expressing is great, honest and stunning. That is your style......Dangling are naked truths before my eyes.

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Marina Moore 04 December 2008

im not exactly a big fan of weed.... but you make a good point why id it here if its not to be used

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Serenity Prayer 25 September 2008

everyone is intitled to their own opinion. im not for weed, im strictly against it. not because of what it does to you(even though that is a fastor) but because of what it does to the inoccent poeple who care and love you. you dont realize how much it hurts to see someone you love and/or looked up too hurting themselves. i apologize if this or i offend you. once again, im just saying what i feel. if this angers you or whatever then feel free to take it down. i wont blame you if you do. its just my opinion.

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Looks like I gots a problem with you...I don't like weed, I don't like the fact people use it, I don't like anything about it. It's a waste of time, and kills you faster than you should die. I have an ex-boy who does/did it. He said he quit. Do I believe him? No, not one bit. I have to agree with Arabian Heart, poems are the only thing that can make me high now days. Good write. Peace out, Lexi

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Arabian Heart 29 August 2008

a substance very please a substance in which we call weed taking you to a place oh so very high make sure you don't hurt when you fall and hope it gets better in time poems are the only thing that can make me high thank you very much

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