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The Way The World Works

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the world works with trageties and happieness to bad the children don't know it or care for it but that one incodent can change a childs life the world works in a mist of war ad peace death and life the world works with everyone this is how it works our world moves from one shooting to a bombing what is going on with our people why must we act like dip shyts over nothing without war we have peace and without peace we have war but our world runs off both if you understand what is going on in the world can someone please tell our president he has no idea about how the world works to him it all war death and money

Arabian Heart 20 August 2008

a world of chaos flying high in the sky but remember pain shoots from all directons dangerous game to be played please write more

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Mary Gordley 05 December 2007

His world is mostly money and he holds no care for the future of children even though his own grandchildren will bear the burden of his legacy.

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