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This is for Barack Obama we don’t have to deal with bush any longer.

Obama has spread change to America and now it is the worlds time.

Obama worked for his president seat. Dispite the death threats and racism.

Lets hope we wont have to deal with racism any longer under obama it is not white power or black power it is shared power.

Let god watch over and protect the first black president now I can say I am apart of the hip hop generation.

Annie Girl 18 December 2008

amazing obama won that was such a good day missing u ian

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Caitlin Moreby 20 November 2008

great poem about a great man.

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Arabian Heart 15 November 2008

The first black president Is the time we will forever live in so we can say to our children 'We were there' Your expression towards Obama The first black president. A pride that will live forever in our hearts. What a prideful spirit.

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Maria Isabel Oropeza 05 November 2008

Wooooo...! :) You know, just because some people don't like Obama, he is now our president and as Americans, we must learn to respect that. Lots of people think that just because there's freedom of speech, that they can bad-mouth every one and anything they don't like. I enjoy your poem and I hope that more Americans have an attitude such as yours. Be Different. Be You. Elizabeth Obama '08

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Egi David Perdana 05 November 2008

aplause for obama, gonna live forever! ! !

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