Van Huynh

Rookie (03/21/1992 / Vietnam)

Well You Know - Poem by Van Huynh

She got me wondering and pinching myself to see it was true
She got me lovesick like I was on the flu
It just the start but I want to her to be my baby boo
Mix us together like you mixing stew
We’re the energizer bunny, love that will never run out
Together, cuddling till the sun’s out
We’ll show what love is really about
This is love and there’s no doubt
I want to make her life satisfied
I want our love to grow as time fly by
If only I can explain what’s inside
I’m honor just to call her my
We’re Bonny and Clyde
Partner in crime
I stole her heart while she stole mine
Even though tomorrow is dark, our love will make it shine
She’s my Lois and I’ll be her superman
Alice that’s taking me to Wonderland
Only thing that matter is that she understand
She’s like a fairy from Peter Pan
My princess like Cinderella
We in Twilight like Edward and Bella
I’m Stanley and I’ll be shouting STELLA!
All she need is me and no other fella
Trust me and it will works
Let me ease the pain, tell me where it hurts
Let me fix that like I should
Tomorrow will be great not good
For you I want to cross the ocean
Nothing can separate us not even an explosion
I feel like I’m in a love potion
The love is already in motion
She so addicting way better than nicotine
But I shouldn’t say love because this is the first scene
The movie just start this is the first screen
But I know this is love, it so clear and so clean
Fresh new start call us the Flintstone
Making the bed rock when we’re alone
She got me checking my phone
Got me running and racing home
Checking the messages and signing on I.M.
There might be other girl but I ain’t thinking of them
She be on my mind till the sun is dim
I ain’t playing game girl, I’m not playing The Sims…
I ain’t playing hit and dip
Trust that I don’t want this love to rip
Guys looking at her body well I’m looking at her lip
Thinking that my arm is around that hip
I’m playing to win and keep
She’s mine not other creeps
They make her cry in weeps
While I make her warm like a sheep
Keep her from harm I’m her bulletproof vest
There’s something I have to confess
It’s like cupid shot my chest
Other guys can give her good times but I give her the best
This is not a diss to all the guy, but understand
I look for a road to her heart not a road to her pants
Just to be her loving man
Just to hold those wonderful hands
I’m not saying that I don’t want that too
It just her love is mine so why would I want it to lose
I’m lucky enough just to call her my boo
Lucky to have the love she threw

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