Varanasi Ramabrahmam

What Can I Say?

When the river or the stream
Forms the beautiful water-fall
By jumping down magnificent heights
Creating the most joyful and memorable scenery;

Instead of enjoying such a pleasant
natural treat, one if just says;
What or where is the beauty there?
The potential energy possessed by water
Because of its height is just falling converting
It into kinetic energy; it is simple natural law
given by physics
Being obeyed by water;
Why the poets make a beauty out of it
And see so much pleasantness in a mere physical phenomenon?

Science makes things and poets just
Change the spirit of knowledge by saying all things
In a flowery and virtual language;
Knowledge is for learning,
not for amusement or fun
Reality must not be sacrificed for
Imaginations or virtual creations;

What can I say!

When the lover and the beloved
Are kissing and are drinking
Sweet nectar from each others lips
By getting entwined bodily with arms;

Then if one says
What is sweetness there?
The taste will be just
Two tasteless objects touching! !

And nectar being drunk is a mere
Drunkard's comparison;
how is it poets take so much liberty in
Transforming normal things into
dreary dreamy phenomenon?
Where is the reality gone?
Science stands for reality;
All must learn science
To resist and refrain themselves
From such untruthful compositions;

What can I say?

When I am possessed by the beauty of my beloved
And became infatuated by her curves and shapes
And sweet husky voice and say I am struck by the
Arrows of the cupid;

Then if one says
where cupid comes here?
It is a mere sexual attraction between
The male and female species and is prevalent
Among all animals;
Zoology and Physiology explains why all such things happen;
Hormones are responsible for all sexual and other urges
For the purpose of reproduction and continuation of species
And cupid, his formlessness and striking with flowery arrows
Are all the creations of the scholars who do not know science! ?

What can I say?

When I feel intense love for the God
And become an ardent devotee and
Compose literary works in His praise;

Then if one says
God does not exist;

Then where is the question of
His pranks or acts of rescue from
Difficulties or grant of boons
or liberation to human-beings or animals?

This is all the creation of a community
To keep other sections of people under its control
And exploit them for selfishness?
All theology is full of lies

God does not exist

What can I say?

Poem Submitted: Tuesday, August 20, 2013
Poem Edited: Tuesday, August 20, 2013

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