Fleeing Homes Poem by Varanasi Ramabrahmam

Fleeing Homes

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War is a complex human activity
Insurgence is its most complex variant;
Citizens are made to flee their homes
Forced to pass days in refugee camps;

Fight for separate country, liberation struggle of champions of independence,
War against terror or dictatorship or for democracy, complex cultural realities,
Drive people out from their homes
To live horrible lives in tents or open space without any dignity or comfort,

The three fundamental and essential human requirements
Food, clothing and shelter being denied
Together with the right to have them
By zealots of war and its various variants;

Natural disasters leave humans shattered
Unnatural man-made disasters are worse;

In India, citizens driven out from Kashmir, north-east and other regions,
In Sri Lanka, survivors of Elam struggle,
In Pakistan, people of beautiful and picturesque Swat valley
Because of war on terror and half-hearted trials to ‘eliminate' Taliban,
In Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Somalia, and in many places on earth
Innocent and peace-loving citizens are made pawns in the games
Played violently by largest, ‘evolved' and richest democracies
In regions far away from the safe havens of their homes but
Making locals experience hell
And flee their homes dear to them;

Is there an end to this double game played
By the West and the like
The champions of and ‘victors' in II world war,
And perpetrators of all wars since then;

World peace hanging precariously
On the decisions of a selected few 'rich' nations
And their inexperienced, non-statesman-like, prejudiced by color blindness,
Vulnerable and volatile leaders
Dominating the world scene is unfortunate and heart-wrenching;

Wish the developed or G-5, G-8 or such nations
Make this man-inflicted human misery
One of the items of the agenda
Together with discussions on recession in world economy,
Global warming, nuclear-proliferation and such
Grand issues
And definitely do something to arrest
The agonizing and forced fleeing of homes by peace-loving and innocent citizens
Of various communities in various nations reeling under war and or its variants
Caused under one or the other pretext

Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal 27 August 2009

War is a complex human activity Insurgence is its most complex variant; Citizens are made to flee their homes Forced to pass days in refugee camps; ....are we not committing holocaust on our own people.. why do they need uprooting from homes... a sensless tragedy avoidable... i love the idea ....10 read mine martyres....blood all over..do we need dictator? ? ? ?

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warner treuter 21 August 2009

Apparently we have to learn to believe in a way that has nothing to do with other people and then share THAT with others. Probably people are just not up to it. Otherwise belief all too often kills. Maybe someday. Soon, I hope.

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Rajaram Ramachandran 17 August 2009

History repeats from the days of Kurushetra War till the World War II or even the latest ones. Perhaps, it is the will of God that the ever growing population should be contained at a certain level of His order. Otherwise, why should men fight among themselves, when God has given all the essential things for one to live on this earth comfortably? It is the money power and muscle power that rule the world and not the compassion or love for all the living beings. You have covered the history of wars on this earth beautifully.

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Frank Lambert 16 August 2009

Hi Varanasi, To war is to be human. To be human is be whatever the mind can imagine. To imagine is to make things up. Sometimes, I think this mad world we live in is simply make-unbelieve. Cheers, Frank

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Sathyanarayana M V S 14 August 2009

A complete essey on war affects. Memorable content.

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Varanasi Ramabrahmam

Varanasi Ramabrahmam

Vegeswarapuram, India
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