What I Was Taught Poem by Laquory Jones

What I Was Taught

Rating: 5.0

Verse 1
I was taught to kill my enemies with kindness
Susan I hope you're finally at peace it always hurts
When the closes to you dies (deceased)
The pain only hardens as each day that passes
People hurt often goes blinded as emotions and
Tolls gets rebind it's only then that we get
Reminded of the love you try to give but could
Never find it so many people suffering in silence
It becomes the worse kind of violence
It's the part society tries to keep from you
But so many suffering in grief
Kids are in search of something for relief
Sometimes I can't help but feel that the world
Is only going backwards it's like no longer
Feelings matters and anyone voicing their opinions
Are bound to get battered until someone forces
Them to hear only then things become
Crystal clear so many can't help but live in constant
Fear I can't talk for my poetic peers
But watching the world as it spins and turns
I'm not even sure if we're problem solving
Evolving, resolving, or just plain dissolving

Verse 2
Yesterday I read about a cheerleader
Who seems to have it all that she could
Ever dreamed of then went on Instagram
Wrote her suicidal letter explaining that
Everything that she accomplished never made
Her feel any better saying that her mother
Was never at fault but knew nothing that
She could ever do could stop the pain
From pushing its way through
The feelings of being lost and hopeless
How could anyone have noticed?
As it ate her alive deep inside
And when all her words began to exhaust
Jumped into the Mississippi her final words
Were 'Please don't forget about me'
As her spirit became shackled free

Verse 3
The grip that pain has on the young and bold
Slicing its way through the center fold
As it sinks itself like a sweltering mold
We're suppose to be the generations
That leads the world out of its wicked
Infestations as we witnessed in devastation
Genocides, Suicides, and crippling revelations
'Richie where's the innovation'? as I witness
America in needs of renovations
It bothers me that no one seems to see
What I see just tell me
How did we get this divided?
People arrested for causing dire excitement
I'm just here lifting up my desperate lighters
In the name of enlightenment all in the hopes
Of enlightening the dark, providing any spark
Until we get on a road that we can embark


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