What? Me Afraid? Poem by Francie Lynch

What? Me Afraid?

Rating: 5.0

Throughout my life,
I've been afraid;
It started with shadows,
It'll end with the grave.

I was afraid of falling
Off my bike,
Yet I kept on falling
Till I got it right.

I was afraid of what
I didn't know;
But knew that school
Was the place to go.

I was afraid of the silence,
When the talking stopped;
I was afraid of the water
Until I belly-flopped;

I was afraid of strays,
Cats and dogs;
Until I met your pets
And saw their love.

I was afraid of bullies,
Big and bad;
I stared down their threats,
They were small and sad.

I was afraid of my father,
Soon the boy grew up;
I was afraid of failure,
So I never stopped.

I was afraid of being caught,
So I learned to tell the truth;
I'm afraid of Climate Change,
I'm afraid we'll loose our Earth.

I'm afraid for my children,
Now they're afraid for theirs;
My thinning skin is looser now,
And I'm loosing my grey hairs.

And I'm not liking Death, just now,
People disappear from view;
And yet I heard or read somewhere,
It's the easiest thing we'll do.

MAHTAB BANGALEE 26 January 2022

superbly written; nice to read this piece

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Nabakishore Dash 26 January 2022

Excellent write dear poet.good observations have been put in lucid language.

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Ruta Mohapatra 26 January 2022

Nicely expressed, Mr. Lynch! We are all afraid of something or the other till we overcome our fear.

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Unnikrishnan E S 25 January 2022

Wonderful poem. Loved the way you the whole concept is developing. Of death, you write, " It's the easiest thing we'll do."…. Great expression. Enjoyed reading. Top score

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Francie Lynch

Francie Lynch

Monaghan, Ireland
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