Were There Five? Poem by Francie Lynch

Were There Five?

Rating: 4.6

There were four high pines, straight, that branched out

over the hedge with holes.

They stood beside the cement goldfish pond

near the fence and alleyway.

From our rows of potatoes

and sprouting weeds,

The hedge ran across the back,

connecting the Tethercotts and Taylors,

Beneath the line of drying clothes,

all through the summer:

Boys stood betwen spade blades heeled into

mounds, and spruces, posing.

Over the hedge, baby carriages

and bicycles rolled between houses

With porches and silver antennas, chairs and striped umbrellas

on patios surrounded with green lawns.

Near one of the spades landed a red and white rubber


Kim Barney 21 April 2017

Congratulations, Francie, on poem of the day! A fascinating poem.

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Francie Lynch 21 April 2017

Thanks, Kim.

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Gordon Gilhuly 25 June 2017

Delightful poem, Francie. Reminded me of my grandparents' farm; the trees there were poplar - a small difference - but you managed to take me back there so easily. You know, lad, I'm beginning to quite enjoy your poetry. Thanks.

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Nice poem about taking down a tree in a park..so sad to see a tree being removed..no home for birds or squirrels.. congratulations on being selected for poem of the day..

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Francie Lynch 21 April 2017

You must have read the wrong poem. Mine's about being trapped and the wish for escape. No trees were harmed.

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Tom Allport 21 April 2017

a good descriptive poem of what sounds like a homely place? ........well written.

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Edward Kofi Louis 21 April 2017

Over the hedge! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Bernard F. Asuncion 21 April 2017

Green lawns..... congrats on being selected....

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Francie Lynch

Francie Lynch

Monaghan, Ireland
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