Mary Jane Died Last Night Poem by Francie Lynch

Mary Jane Died Last Night

Rating: 4.6

The younger sister
Of the second wife
Of my dear friend
Of forty-five years
Died last night.

You didn't know her.

She died at fifty-six;
For many that's younger,
For more that's older;
For us, we knew her.

I really don't know why
I brought it up;
I shouldn't bother you.

She was...
a daughter, a sister,
a cousin, a niece;
an auntie, a mother,
then a grandmother;
There are many like her,
But none other.

There's more. She was...
a friend, a true friend,
a lover and healer;
a soul mate,
a life mate,
a wife and confidant.

Yes. Such women
We know well.
But you didn't.
Did you?

Well, she died last night.
Just thought you might
Like to know,
Mary Jane died last night.

Lyn Paul 20 May 2015

What a remarkable woman was Mary Jane, Dying at an age too young. You have written the most incredible heartfelt piece. This would be a beautiful piece for Mary Jane's eulogy at her final farewell. Thank you Francie, please let me know if you have a beautiful celebration for Mary Jane's life.

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Seamus O Brian 05 August 2015

In the tumult of living, very few interactions leave one with a sense of enrichment. This one did. Thank you.

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Francie Lynch 06 August 2015

Thanks, Neal.

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Susan Lacovara 20 May 2015

Once in your life, forever on your heart. An amazing poem, tells the take of holes fragile and fast moving life actually is. Although I do not know Mary Jane, I do know how these emotions spill. Thank you for the artistic truth. PEACE

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Edward Kofi Louis 24 December 2015

Death is part of us; may her soul rest in peace. Nice dedication.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 15 October 2021

My Note: This mesmerizing poem could also be The Member Poem Of The Day.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 15 October 2021

2) a very sad poem, most beautiful Eulogy, this poem has a natural summing up of all the things we would like to know, indeed so true what the poetess has said here.5 Stars fullest! Most touching Member Poem Of The Day

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Sylvia Frances Chan 15 October 2021

This beautiful poem loveliest intrigues me, so sweetest worded, with great loving care, you feel that touch and emotive scents betwixt the lines,

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Quoth Theraven 01 September 2020

Somehow get the sense the poet was closer to Mary Jane than others known in life. It doesn't remove the fine patina that grew from the days. QtR

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A B Faniki 19 August 2019

A par for originality I enjoy readin this poem thus the topice is one of sadness.Beatitiful tribute

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Francie Lynch

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