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Cause And Effect

One can count the stones
But not the ripples…the
Echoes of ones conduct

Even The Rain

Even The rain

Is fair and

A Riddle

Reaching far for
The topmost branch
A delicate hand labors
For the fruit of her want


An old man boils his
Soup, he’s no other source of
Warmth…but his own arms

A Beauty Smothered

..a beauty smothered
While it’s trying to breathe
Somehow do through
The pores of the

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Sonya Florentino 09 December 2008

i just came across one of your poems and am reading more... I haven't come across any that I don't like. You are just amazing-I'm so happy to have discovered you! (you should be on top of that list-if people truly know what makes a good poem) . P.S. You don't have a bio here and I googled you but still no info. I know art should speak for itself, but why not a little 411? Or is the mystery part of it? :)

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