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One can count the stones
But not the ripples…the
Echoes of ones conduct

Even The rain

Is fair and

Reaching far for
The topmost branch
A delicate hand labors
For the fruit of her want

An old man boils his
Soup, he’s no other source of
Warmth…but his own arms

..a beauty smothered
While it’s trying to breathe
Somehow do through
The pores of the

A stalk produces a dripping sap
When freshly cut
And it does not when healed
Much like a poet

I am a feather
Light as the air
I will rest
On open palm…still and calm


Firm are my feet
On My ground
While you
Take wing

We do seek
Some times
The empty

Rainclouds, come…
The beast is toiling
The roots of grasses
Have grown tough because of drought

Before a clear sky
A gentle wind is petting
with a window chime;

The girliest girl
I ever met
The way she
Moves the wind

“You are hurting me all through and through
And love the one who’s fooling you
Just be with me- and I’ll get by
If having you, this be the price,

As far as my eyes can see
It’s not all

What is the purpose of seeing


Tackling on a slippery trail
Up on a high steeping hill
The trunks and twigs
And jutting roots

Gripping knuckles against knuckles
Gnashing the teeth against teeth
Heaving breast to stretch a temper
Groaning hoarse to ease release

there was once
a fainting hope,
behold, it shines anew!
before it flickered off she came


The silence grows into
A subtle emptiness
A blowing wind
Through and through


Seeping promptly on the ground
Spilt, I watch it disappear
Does it, as it sinks like water,
Gather more when it is deeper

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Cause And Effect

One can count the stones
But not the ripples…the
Echoes of ones conduct

One can grab a sail
But not the gale…wisdom on
Implements of life

One can admire flame
But cannot touch…an in-
Appropriate desire

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Sonya Florentino 09 December 2008

i just came across one of your poems and am reading more... I haven't come across any that I don't like. You are just amazing-I'm so happy to have discovered you! (you should be on top of that list-if people truly know what makes a good poem) . P.S. You don't have a bio here and I googled you but still no info. I know art should speak for itself, but why not a little 411? Or is the mystery part of it? :)

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