Lawrence S. Pertillar
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What Was To Had Been

What was to had been,
Begins again given...
A different approach.
Another way to express,
The same B.S.
Recycled to normalize it.

Nothing prevented to progress,
Can successfully do that...
When many have minds,
Limited and detached...
From truth producing reality.
And people will not admit,
Their comfort to have...
With permitted and ongoing,
Would be missed.

Ever it became acknowledged.
And accepted as a divisive,
Tool to use to accuse others...
For being who they are.
Like light to discover,
The sky is blue.
Grass is green.
And some trees shed leaves.
When the season changes,
From Summer to Autumn...
Known to be called Fall!

'Your point? '

Since focused upon,
To observe...
Examine and given attention.
It has been about,
The color of one's skin.
Sex and size of the package.
Secretly given to share,
In private places as a gift.

'Meaning what? '

If many kept to enjoy,
Those gifts they get...
There would be,
Less domestic violence.
Racial conflicts.
And folks...
Needing to portray,
As fictional warriors.
And comic book heros.
To compensate and impress,
What is not theirs to possess...
Nor address in reality.

'People conscious,
Should by now know...
That is nothing but B.S.
Recycled to normalize it! '

No way?
You're kidding.
Where have I heard,
Those words to hear?

'I just said them.
That's why you and I,
Seldom agree on anything.
You 'hear'.
But listening?
You can not seem to do.'

Dear Father in Heaven.
Please help me,
Untwist my lips.
To keep them,
From being bitten.
And use my eyes to express,
A hopefulness now needed.
Made to let known,
That I will not...
Raise my voice like a fool.
Someone wants to see me be.

'And Lord of our fathers,
Known and unknown.
Thank you,
For bestowing me...
Your faithful servant.
With patience enough,
To tolerate those fools...
Disrespecting 'Me',
That blessing in their lives.
Can I get...
A quiet shout out,
For your boy! ? '


'That's okay.
No one has to know,
About this!
What was to had been,
Has passed.
And needing not to have you,
Spreading rumors I'll deny.
About this miracle,
I performed in your presence.
Only you witnessed.
Remember that.'

You're testing me.
I know You are.
Please release,
The delicious and juicy...
Cuss words from my head.
Not to reach my lips.
Even though you know,
I am resisting temptation.

You're testing me.
I know You...'

SHUT THE Ffff...
Why can't you just shut up?

'I don't know if I can.
Without the...
ffffluttering upon my ears,
That word you picked...
So delicious and juicy.
God and I,
Are disappointed.'

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