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What Would I Do? - Poem by David Beckham

A friend told me a story and then asked
'What would you do? '
”What would I do? '

If everything I ever did or said was put under the radar
I'd be considered both smart and dumb at the same time
It depends on what side you on
As I contemplated my response, my whole life flashed by me in an instant
From the moment of conception in my mothers’ womb
Till the day that I die, my life will be like a rock
Shaped into its form by nature
Except unlike the rock
My life would be shaped also by the reflection of the my father
Who preached that the hero lives in you
To get to the hero, I’d have to accept, the inevitable struggle and joy
To crawl, then walk, to fall then shine

What would I do?

Like a papier-mâché my life has being torn apart several times
Rolled into different beliefs and conception of life
It is poetry to roll life into art, but the real truth remains
Its that true experience, that true knowledge, that truly makes me who I am
I have being changed
Transformed again and again and again
I have had to battle good and fall for evil
I have had to battle evil and found good

What would I do?

I am a product of my past
So while I push to discover myself
I pause to take a look at your faces
Of everyday people who are just like me
Humans who just want to clench their fist
Punch it through the air and release the hurt and the joy
Humans like me struggling to define themselves
Struggling with answers

What would I do?

My response could open up a little window into my life
A little window Into who I am
My response could be based on fact
Or be based on my life experience
The transformed rock
'If I was in your shoes...'
I paused and questioned my logic
I found fault in my words
How could I be in your shoes when I know you not
When I know not your yesterdays, nor your knowledge!
And so I said,
'Tell me who you are! '

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