Anxiety Of Young Love Poem by David Beckham

Anxiety Of Young Love

Rating: 4.9

With the birds chirping ever so softly in that afternoon sunshine
And the streets buzzing with cars going zoom zoom
The crescendo hit peak and went dead silent
When you suddenly appeared

I could hear the crackling of the spring leaves
As you marched forward from a distance
Your every step, I counted
13 in all

'Hello', you said
Then followed the gaze
You held it long enough to plant seeds of you in my heart
I was transfixed, speechless and filled with joy

Your lips went up and down
I heard nothing
Voice so sensual and soft like velvet the attraction was chilling
Presence, so magical, it kept my heart going like respirators

I wanted more of you
You pleasured my reason
And tickled my fancy with your dazzling swag
How could I resist

You had me
That night your thoughts blossomed in my heart like flowers do in the spring
Went to bed with just one thought
I want to see you again and again

Arimoko Konshei 06 August 2010

I love this poem. You really captured the essence of Young Love. I definitely agree with Ms. Nivedita Truly ~Arimoko Konshei

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 03 August 2010

Emotion in exuberance… ‘Went to bed with just one thought/I want to see you again and again’ ~ Who can resist such appeal…seductive alluring…all elements are elementally enticing…pure vibe … thanks for sharing Regards Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10

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Alyssa Rose 08 January 2013

Hi David, Your poem is very well written. Rich with detail and visuals ^.^ It's relatable and I love how I can really paint a picture in my head as a I read :)

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Vinay Joshi 27 December 2011

Love is obsessive and it is all truly captured.

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Diana Rose Tolentino 18 August 2011

love..yes i found it in this poem, its full of it. this poem is great..thank you..(' v') V

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Linda Torres 22 June 2011

great piece; you capture the essence of young love I could see that young man blushing :) 10/10

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Juan Olivarez 09 August 2010

awesome work David it really does deserve a ten, I was enthralled.

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