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When All Is Done

Rating: 3.1

When all is done, and my last word is said,
And ye who loved me murmur, 'He is dead,'
Let no one weep, for fear that I should know,
And sorrow too that ye should sorrow so.

When all is done and in the oozing clay,
Ye lay this cast-off hull of mine away,
Pray not for me, for, after long despair,
The quiet of the grave will be a prayer.

For I have suffered loss and grievous pain,
The hurts of hatred and the world's disdain,
And wounds so deep that love, well-tried and pure,
Had not the pow'r to ease them or to cure.

When all is done, say not my day is o'er,
And that thro' night I seek a dimmer shore:
Say rather that my morn has just begun,--
I greet the dawn and not a setting sun,
When all is done.

Susan Williams 09 April 2016

That last stanza is incredibly beautiful and comforting and has its own belief in an afterlife- -a stunning write of intense sorrow for a battered life and a shimmer of hope

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Ratnakar Mandlik 09 April 2016

A great song with full of spirituality and a marvelous philosophy of life and life after death.

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