When His Kingdom Comes Poem by Lungelo S. Mbuyazi

When His Kingdom Comes

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This I know: that this crone of our system
Will perish like a flame of the candle in the air
And the kingdoms of our system
Will close like a grave in a sepulchre
As yesterday's seconds have passed away
When 'the God of the heaven set up a Kingdom
That will never be destroyed. And
It will not be passed on to any other person,
It will crush & put an end to all these kingdoms,
And it alone will stand forever.'

This I have read: that 'all the deaths
Will arise from the memorial tombs
When they hear his voice and come out
For he will swallow the death forever
When he wipes out every tear from their eyes,
And the death will be no more,
Neither will be mourning nor outcry pain be anymore.
The righteous will possess the Earth,
And they live forever on it.'

This I believe: that the walls of hate
Will melt like a snowman
In the oven of brotherhood,
Admist the gaiety of sisterhood,
Where the season of preaching
Flourises its sweet fragrance
In the honeysuckled aptitude preaching
Based on brother's keeper attitude
And areas true power-sharing in all areas

This I dreamt: that the chains on our necks
Will fall away like a ripen fruit
From the trees of our bondage
And the evil only songs
Will fade like a dirty cloud
When the season of celebration
Flowers on us like amaryllis
In the wilderness of this evil
Man-made desert of despair

Wednesday, November 29, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: hope,joy,religious,songs of life
Simon 02 December 2017

Very spiritual uploading poem...I'll like to read when down with this life's stresses.

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Thanks Simon, you're reader of my poems....I appreciate your feedback in each poems commented on..,

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Joe Fraccalvieri 01 December 2017

I think you are a prophet, Lungelo! Very strong images. Thank you for sharing this poem with me- Joe

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Lungelo S Mbuyazi 01 December 2017

Thanks Joe for your acknowledgement....

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