When I First Met You Poem by Rommel Filoteo

When I First Met You

Rating: 5.0

When I first met you,
My heart was beating so fast.
Each and every day,
I yearn for you,
Your presence,
Your voice,
Your sweet caresses,
And yourself.
When my confidence is not there,
Those thoughts were driving me nuts;
You were there to clear my doubts
And make me secure with your words and actions.
Praise God we will go to all the obstacles together,
I promise nothing can bring us down.
If ever that you would have changed,
It won’t change the fact that I will love you even in your worst.
Never the less, I will love you for who you are.
I will still stand by you and be with you until God knows when.
Deep down in my heart and yours,
We both know the answer very well.
I thank for the endless love and patience given by you all these while.
I could not ask any much more,
I am contented enough and grateful to have you by my side.
Without you in my life,
My life would be haywire and hanging as before.
I am indeed bless to have you,
We came this far.
We will be together until our goals achieved and so on.
Right from the bottom of my heart,
You are the one that I truly treasure the most.
And thank you for loving me just the way I am.

Eivzul Acijom 01 February 2008

This is the very first poem that you have written to me, thank you very, as i have told you, i love it and for the first i've felt very special. Yes.......together we will face the world..........hand in hand! OOOOs and XXXXs RFLM

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Ewigi Liebe 06 December 2007

Thats nice to hear you are happy, and that you found your way to let her know, what you really felt inside.

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CU2urDream Lost 06 December 2007

aww, very sweet indeed, so romantico!

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