A Feelings In Words Poem by Rommel Filoteo

A Feelings In Words

Rating: 4.9

I am writing to let you know how I feel
I cannot describe my intense affection and emotion
Therefore, I am going to put my feelings in words.
Since the first day, I met you.
I have not been the same,
These abstract feelings I just cannot seem to tame.
I am starting to like you in a different way.
I dream of you every day!
I love everything about you!
Your sweet simple smile,
Your beautiful eyes,
Your tin & long shinny hair,
And you’re simple but lovely face...
If you only know, how I feel for you?
I can't get you out of my mind,
I can't get you out of my heart,
I can't get you out of my soul,
Every day my feelings just keep growing
What I am trying to tell you is this,
That I am falling in love with you –
Yes, it’s true!
I always understand if you don't feel the same.
I only want you to know how I really feel.
And this is no lie, I am for real.

Ewigi Liebe 16 December 2007

Go for it Rommel, better to express than to keep it inside. and its nice to have that feeling I guess, being in love and beloved. :)

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Your honesty makes this piece just great. Nobody should ever hide their affection, especially when it feels right and good... I only disagree with you about one phrase - I don't think anybody's got a simple face... Our faces are the mirrors of our souls, and as we all know, our souls are often far too complicated...

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Red Blooded Black Hearted 16 December 2007

Beautiful poem! Keep writing: -)

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Hali Curtis 17 December 2007

Wow I abosoultly love that.......I wish i had such wonderful terrific poems like u! ! ur my idol! ! ! !

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Meghan - 17 December 2007

Rommel-that is beautiful! You have very deep passion and it really shows in this writing..thanks so much for sending me the message to read it..look forward to reading more, Meghan

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Allemagne Roßmann 18 September 2011

very well written...well penned..

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Priyanka Shetty 30 March 2008

i enjoyed reading it.... thanks for sharing.....

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Malini Kadir 26 March 2008

I may be stepping late to read your words but they still the heart with true depth of feelings....

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You need to keep writing poetry. Your talent deserves to be displayed and I look forward to reading more of your work.

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Patrice James 27 December 2007

awsome work, great feeling....I wish I could express the way you do...keep penning.

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