All The Wonderful Women Of Poem Hunter Poem by Rommel Filoteo

All The Wonderful Women Of Poem Hunter

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You are all by far a wonderful Women.
I always see how all of you humbled yourself
Into something even more precious and beautiful
With all of your words, every lines and stanza
Made me realize how precious and fragile a friend can be
In addition, although I will not be there to see you all glance
Even more and be a part of all your goals and dreams,
I know that in the distance and in spirit…
I will be there for all of you always.
You all were my neighbors, my mother and my sister.
I want you all to emerge into your greatness
I always had faith in all of you,
To take care of all the things in life on your own.
With that in mind,
I want you all to be the best that you can be
In all that you do.
I believe in all of your dreams as I believe in all of you
In short, all of you made a difference in my life.

Emancipation Planz 20 October 2007

If I caught your time in a bottle, whilst bobbing on the ocean great, I'd inhale in those goals and dreams, In sisterhood harmony.. the differences believed... Thanks and One Peace at a Time, Deana

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Ewigi Liebe 20 October 2007

Its very beautiful, how you express it thru your heart...and its always nice to read a wonderful love and cares that made out from your heart....thanks for sharing, Mary

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Meggie Gultiano 20 October 2007

this is a very beautiful and heartfelt expression of your tribute to all the women here in PH. The last few lines are great and touched my innermost soul. I hope and pray that i can always live up the expectations of the be always humble and pleasing to the Lord's eyes..Rommel, I certainly believe that this piece of yours was humbly penned by an equally humble person like you..continue to be what you are and the One above will be please. i love this.. hugs, Just Meggie

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Rommel, this is a great poem, and we are all thrilled to have such a beautiful poem written for us, especially by YOU

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Alison Cassidy 20 October 2007

Rommel, this is a beautiful poem, effusive, generous and heart-felt. May I thank you on behalf of all the women of PoemHunter for penning this loving tribute. Mahla kita. Allie xxxxxxxx

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Brian Jani 07 June 2014

Well written poem rommel

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Alancia Lebogang Mogorosi 23 January 2008


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Cathy Moll 17 November 2007

Great poem! ! ! I'll be sure to read more of you're work! !

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Lee Degnan 24 October 2007

Nice tribute to your friends here on PH, I've met many here as you described and feel the same way about them. I've had a terrible year, but the best that has come out of such a soul-searching time has found me friends that I believe I will have now for a lifetime. Great heart-filled write, and glad you've found your friends here too! All the best, Lee

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Marvin Brato 24 October 2007

Fine tribute to oall our lady poets in PH, great write! Top marks.

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