A Patch On What I Feel (A Thank You Poem To All Ph Members) Poem by Rommel Filoteo

A Patch On What I Feel (A Thank You Poem To All Ph Members)

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If I haven't say –
I am so lucky to meet you all here in POEMHUNTER.
I will always adore and respect you all for the rest of my life.
All of you are wonderful person,
My words cannot convey how much all of you mean to me.
Just thinking about these feelings
Makes me tingle all over –
It feels like these feelings should be for real poets only –
Because I just consider myself only a die-hard fan, all of your poetry.
I don't know if you do understand what I am trying to say:
It feels great to actually care for you
And be comfort by your words in return.
I never felt less or more when I am with your poems;
You are all so full of wisdom about life
That when you write it really makes me think
That I could stay there forever
Just to listen to your open mind,
For it is very peaceful and inviting.
Your poems always make me feel needed.
I just want to thank you for that,
And I thank God for sending you all to me,
I will do my best to give my everlasting love, care and comfort.
This poem is just a patch on what I feel,
I want to thank you all from bottom of my heart
And deepest of my soul…
The rest is a private conversation between our hearts.
For now a day,
I promise to care,
To comfort and love you and your poems even more…

Cecil Hickman 06 January 2008

This is indeed a heartfelt poem which shows your compassion for poetry and poets, it was a wonderful tribute to all poets here at poem hunter for sharing of both their hearts and minds along with passion from your heart and mind to weave such wonderful and beautiful words in this piece, , , blessings...cecil

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Lee Degnan 06 January 2008

That was truly a heart-felt write, Rommel... I too have been blessed with everyone on this site, and at the time of my life where I couldn't have needed it nor appreciated it more. The good Lord steered me here one day, exactly when I needed it. Truly amazing how He works, no? The next amazing thing is that I hear similar testimony about this site with everyone I talk to. We have found each other, to draw strength from, to encourage, commiserate, and to celebrate each other through the magic of poetry and our hearts. Your write is exactly that, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing it. Hugs, Lee

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Evaughn Gray 05 January 2008

wow that was truly fromt he heart..i loved it, you mean alot to me also..as a friend and as your sister by christ, thank you for sharing! ~love hazel

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Ewigi Liebe 05 January 2008

I know what a wonderful person you are. I know you would never lose your natural charm, not even in those moments when tears fog up the shine in your eyes. You are a beautiful and admirable person, someone I like and want to have as my friend for the rest of my life, as I can see in you the sincerity and purity, which seem to be running out on those hurtful planet of ours. thank you to you too, Rommel cause of your true compassion. you know that i am also here with you, always tell my days are over....wonderful Rommel thank you for sharing out your friendship.

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rajagopal haran 05 January 2008

touches the corridors of human relation and crosses the barriers of love..beautifully written-poem to be preserved Rommel......keep writing...people like you are rare species to come across

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Allemagne Roßmann 18 September 2011

Heartfelt tribute......well written and i enjoyed reading this

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Vilma Xelin 15 January 2008

the pleassure is all mine my sweet heart!

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Patrice James 10 January 2008

thank you for the wonderful tribute..very kind of you...and thank you for sharing

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R.k Das 10 January 2008

thanx thanx a lot, for such a poetic tribute, :)

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CU2urDream Lost 07 January 2008

thank you for sharing it to me rommel, very courageous heart...great write.

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