Jayne Louise Davies Poems

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I'll Hold You Close

Distant memories lost in time,
I close my eyes and think of you.
Memories of the way we were,
Glaze my eyes, like morning dew.

When Spring Calls

I sit near the window,
The mountain in view,
The garden's so quiet,
Flowers are few,

Will I See You Tonight?

I long for the night,
When I'll hold you so tight,
In my dreams,
Once again we are young,

I Could Have Danced All Night

My nights at the disco now over,
My days of The Bump truly gone,
For age doesn't come by itself you know,
My feet have a mind of their own!

Forget You Not

I walked away that sunny day,
Never to see your face,
It's been one long eternity,
My life's so out of place,

Apple Of My Eye

In my memory there you lie,
Precious memories,
Years gone by,
Always the apple of my eye,

The Joys Of Getting Old

Old age is a must for all of us,
But with it brings aches and pains,
My prescription list's getting longer,
And my stamina's gone down the drain,

A Childhood Summer

I remember those long hot Summers as if they were yesterday,
When the sun shone down on our street, the place I loved to play.
For many a window glistened, cleaned well to a sparkling shine,
Where starched white shirts blew gaily, on many a washing line.

Gone In A Blink Of An Eye

One moment your right here beside me,
In a flash you are taken away,
I'm hearing your voice in my memories,
I long for you every day,

War And Fear

To live peacefully amongst ourselves,
Would be a blessing in itself,
In this life of hatred and war,
Why do good souls have to fall,

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