Paula Glynn

When The Vampire Went To Church - Poem by Paula Glynn

The vampire was over 100 years old,
And loved to party,
Dance music was his favourite,
And he loved all the girls,
Who danced with the band.

He turned a lot of young women,
Into his vampire slaves,
He was charmed for sure,
Just as a serial killer would be,
Except he thought of himself,
As a saviour:
He was giving immortal life,
From his immortal blood,
That he liked to think,
Came from an old love.

Her name had been Claudia,
And she had been German,
He had been young,
And eager with the ladies,
But Claudia came,
To dominate him,
And suck his blood.

Claudia turned him into a vampire,
And hence he would inflict,
Deep wounds and deep sins,
For he was the devil’s predator,
And the vampire,
Had once liked the bad boy lifestyle,
Where he felt himself a hellraiser.

But along the way,
He lost himself,
Felt pain as his heart grew cold,
And with all the hearts in his hold,
He could never feel his,
And he knew he wanted,
A place where he could repent,
And save his soul,
From the devil.

One evening the vampire,
Went to church,
He knew vaguely why he was there,
But he pinched himself,
As he entered the house of the lord.

There was the confession box,
And the vampire walked in,
He revealed all his hideous sins,
All his painful secrets,
And then he felt his heart,
Beat with this new start,
He felt free as a bird.

The vampire knew,
He had to die,
So the vampire exited the church,
A while before the sun rose in the sky,
And as soon as the light hit his eyes,
He felt himself fly,
For he had turned to dust,
And was now free,
In the house of the lord.

Topic(s) of this poem: religion, vampire

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