When You Are With Me Poem by Thomas Viruvelil

When You Are With Me

Now, sitting at the computer
after packing off the last man for payment
I closed the door
thrown away pants and its under
tshirt intact there
for the man who peeps in
see only tshirt
as I sit on the chair
I relive those moments
when you sat close to me
listening and singing with the music.
Those moments and hours
where so exciting
and my mind start dreaming
holding u close
my hands around you
and your hands around me.
Do you now feel my lips on your lips
my chest on your chest
and our legs holding tight each other?
Is it not real pleasure
being together,
and feeling your soft body heat
making me feel like being in heaven?
If this is not heaven
what else can be heaven?
I do not want any heaven without my smi
close to me.
In between I should see your face
so beautiful
when it is close to me.
That naughty loving look on your face
make me forget the entire world
and I want a world with none
but smi and me in it.
We can hold tight
kissing and loving each other
as no one will see us
Can the God
give us even an island
where nobody will come?
There lying on sea shore sand
let us find the greatest of pleasure
the pleasure of vht and smi
one human being
loving till world lasts
years ages and ages together
because we never get tired or bored of each other
every coming moment is a moment of celebration
because i have smi with me
my hands holding u
and our bodies feel being one and never two persons
I do not have words
to tell
how I love you
u just imagine till you
can no more imagine
and then come running to my hands

Thomas Viruvelil

Thomas Viruvelil

Cochin, Kerala state, India
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