Celebrating Each Moment Of Life Poem by Thomas Viruvelil

Celebrating Each Moment Of Life

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Today sitting close to you
walking with you
your breath and hot body so close to me
I feel as if I am in heaven.
For the first time in my life
someone other than me selected my shirts, like selecting specs
I feel as if I am no more an orphan in this world
I have smi my own
most beautiful girl in the whole world
so lovely to look at
with real beautiful eyes
with exciting pink colour
sensous lips
body that when near sends thrilling hot sensation through my cells
My smi

I feel like holding you in my arms
and spend whole day and night with you near me
my hands body and lips feeling your soft hot body.
God has send you to earth for
having felt sympathy
for me.
I am celebrating each day with you
as if it is the happiest day in my life
and I feel so happy to live
so thilled of life
because you are with me.
When in the evening you say bye
I feel the pain deep in my heart
of leaving you
cause I do not want you to be away from me
even for a moment.

My whole being
mind body and heart love you so deep
that you will get my deepest feelings
travel to wherever you are
and if my thoughts and feelings can touch you
they must be caressing your whole body softly
making your every inch of body thrilled and excited with my love.
My dearest darling girl
Are you feeling my love
touching your heart?
Your heart must be
thirsting for me to be close to you
cause it cannot pretend even the slightest acts of
your hands and words
telling me to be away.
Your heart must be telling you to hold me close and kiss me
forever holding me in your lovely embrace.

Lylyanna Pilewski 13 September 2005

very intense Lylyanna

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Thomas Viruvelil

Thomas Viruvelil

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