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Looking at your face
seeing those whisphering eyes
feeling you close to me
I simply do not know

I asked him:
'Can I see the body? '
'Yes.before the doctors come'
He opened the door

Long long back
We had this King called Mahabali
When he was ruling,
there was no sins.

Alone, how long I can go?
Do I need to hear your voice near me?
Do I need to feel your sweating hand inside my hand,
Making me feel you are with me.

Like a man sentenced to death
I count each day as if it is precious
It is a real pity
you cannot extract even a bit of love for me

As days pass by
you become more sweet
more beautiful
more lovable.

I deserve nothing good.
Not even a good homely food
not even a bed coffee
not even some one to care me when I am sick

I feel the terrible pain of being alone
Having no one to share your feelings, worries
Having no one to listen to you
Having no one to dream with you

Today sitting close to you
walking with you
your breath and hot body so close to me
I feel as if I am in heaven.

This day
27 december,2003
you have told me

Today Christmas day
will be remembered by me till I die
From Panampilly Nagar bus stop to just before reaching

Do I want to live?
To live I need hopes
Do I have hopes?

I am not alone
I can feel you walking close
I can hear you talking to me
I hear your giggles

Dreams hold me together
dreams of days and nights
spent as one being;
giving ecstacy new names

Whatever you may say or fight
I love you madly
I want you to be with me forever
sitting close to me

When the last day was coming closer
You were more worried than me.
You kept on telling me
I will be going

Sky was dark.
Holding thick bundles of rain inside
waiting for winds to
open bundles of rain,

Togetherness is great
It send thrill through every cell of me.
It make adrenalin flow fast.

Now, sitting at the computer
after packing off the last man for payment
I closed the door
thrown away pants and its under

I walk slowly in this valley
White glistening sand kiss my bare feet
wind so soothening
touch my face as if in a kiss

Thomas Viruvelil Biography

Architect and management Consultant by profession.Have been writing poems for sometime on love, frustrations and death.)

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Be With Me Always

Looking at your face
seeing those whisphering eyes
feeling you close to me
I simply do not know
how I will ever be able to
live without seeing you
without talking to you
without you close to me.
Death will definitely
better than life without you.
You have become part of me
I breathe feel think live
I kept that kerchief
close very close
to me
for a whole day when you were not with me.
I felt as if a part of you
with me
with your body odour
rubbed by that kerchief with me.
Oh my God
I never thought loving can be a pleasure
and intense pain.
Smi I really love you

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Linda Jenkinson 18 October 2005

i enjoyed reading your poems very much, it is rare indeed this love you have for smi...i would dearly love to read more...maybe you could write about other aspects of your life and wishes and please keep writing...linda xxx

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Gillian.E. Shaw 21 September 2005

Now you have written of your feelings and they are down on paper perhaps you should take a step back and write in more generalized terms. One can identify with feelings. However the human condition in general is something more solid and may add more weight and credibility to your poetry. To expand in order to express, to have the ability to move on will be a positive step. The focus then, should be more on form (which needs exploring) rather than on content.

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Mary Nagy 08 September 2005

Thomas, I have read all of your poems. They are very lovely. You are obviously very much in love with Smi. If she even loves you half as much as you do her, you will both be very happy. Very sweet to have such love and passion. I would be interested to read if you write poetry on other topics though? I'll keep my eye out for your work. Sincerely, Mary

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