Onam And King Mahabali Poem by Thomas Viruvelil

Onam And King Mahabali

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Long long back
We had this King called Mahabali
When he was ruling,
there was no sins.
No looting, no cheating
No lies, no killings
No rapes, no beatings
No double standars,
No scheming treachery

No shortage of food
No rich and poor
No sorrows, no pain

No one was afraid of anyone
No one was doubtful about any one
No one was expecting trouble from any one
No locks and safe lockers
No jails and no police

Every one was loving and caring
Every one was helpful
Every one was there when you need help
Every one loved every one

In our land, every year
We still celebrate ten days of festival
remembering those old days of happiness
Dreaming with no reason,
those dreamy days will come back.
Dreaming that our old King Mahabali
Will come back from death
and rule us again
with no looting, cheating
with no lies and killings
with no rapes and beatings
with no shortage of food
with no rich and poor
with no sorrows and pain.

We call those ten days
Onam festival days
Onam days of King Mahabali

12, September,2008

Gangadharan Nair Pulingat 05 September 2014

A beautiful poem on Thiruonam and King Mahabali.

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Rinzu Susan Rajan 06 October 2008

thanks being fraud mallu just love reading it... : D

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Malini Kadir 13 September 2008

lovely poem brings back your nostalgia very well! every kerala dweller will love to read this work of yours.....

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Thomas Viruvelil

Thomas Viruvelil

Cochin, Kerala state, India
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