Thomas Viruvelil Poems

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Be With Me Always

Looking at your face
seeing those whisphering eyes
feeling you close to me
I simply do not know

God Laughing At Me

I asked him:
'Can I see the body? '
'Yes.before the doctors come'
He opened the door

Onam And King Mahabali

Long long back
We had this King called Mahabali
When he was ruling,
there was no sins.

Alone, How Long I Can Go?

Alone, how long I can go?
Do I need to hear your voice near me?
Do I need to feel your sweating hand inside my hand,
Making me feel you are with me.

One More Day With You

Like a man sentenced to death
I count each day as if it is precious
It is a real pity
you cannot extract even a bit of love for me

Walking Close To Green Paddy Fields

As days pass by
you become more sweet
more beautiful
more lovable.

I Deserve Nothing Good

I deserve nothing good.
Not even a good homely food
not even a bed coffee
not even some one to care me when I am sick

Pain Of Being Alone

I feel the terrible pain of being alone
Having no one to share your feelings, worries
Having no one to listen to you
Having no one to dream with you

Celebrating Each Moment Of Life

Today sitting close to you
walking with you
your breath and hot body so close to me
I feel as if I am in heaven.

Dream Me Dead

This day
27 december,2003
you have told me

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