Walking Close To Green Paddy Fields Poem by Thomas Viruvelil

Walking Close To Green Paddy Fields

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As days pass by
you become more sweet
more beautiful
more lovable.
Is love brewing inside me is making me
Intoxicated with smitha?
Even after seeing your face with clear skin,
ever smiling wide eyes
I feel like sitting close, looking at your eyes
as if those twinkling eyes can give me
happiness unknown forever.
In my dreams I imagine
gently softly touching every bit of your body
with my lips
making your body feel my love
and feel a bit of love for me.
That day when we waited by the side of that paddy field
have you not heard the paddy leaves
murmuring sweet dreams to us?
Those green leaves could feel
my love for you
and I heard them telling me
Ask her
she cannot avoid your love for ever
So I asked you
and I got great pleasure unimaginable
When you said you can imagine
Love for this forsaken man.
May be I might have been searching for you
through many births
and I could find you at least now
If I cannot have your love in this birth
I will travel to another birth
for your love and after
satisfying my long yearning for you
I will hope to whither away in eternity
In your soft caring hot
embrace of love.
Like a small baby cuddled in the soft hot lap of mom
I feel like sleeping in your lap
with no worries, no fear, no tension
and I can feel your soft hands on my face
gently stroking me to sleep.
I remember you closing your eyes and lying
coolly next to me
smiling without any fear or tension
in between seeing with amusement
my tensed face after having lost way.
That peaceful sleep of you
told me
that you trust me
and in the heart of your heart you love me.
This love is love unimaginable
may be through many births.
Let me hold you close to me
and feel the peace and happiness
even if it is for a day.

Rinzu Susan Rajan 06 October 2008

tender and pasionate love

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Mary Nagy 08 September 2005

You've captured a very tender moment in time. Thanks for sharing it here. Sincerely, Mary

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Thomas Viruvelil

Thomas Viruvelil

Cochin, Kerala state, India
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