Where Memories Are Stored Poem by Jim Yerman

Where Memories Are Stored

How fascinating is our mind…how vast
for in it…all our memories are stored…
and no matter how many memories we've made
there's always room for more.

Sometimes I think our mind is like an endless ocean
with an infinite amount of waves
where on the crest…as each one flows
a memory is saved

Where we can dip our toes into the water to remember
or wait for a memory to break upon our shore…'
Sometimes I wonder if our memories
are what make our ocean's roar.

Sometimes I think each memory is like a cloud
floating in our mind's endless sky
set adrift upon the wind…continuously floating by

Where we can touch the clouds that carry happy memories
again…and again…and again…
while the clouds that carry our sad memories
sometimes fall on us…like rain.

Sometimes I think our mind is like a tree with endless branches
where all our memories are concentrated
and every time we make a memory…a new leaf is created.

Where we can choose to pick our memories…
from the leaves both big and small…
or…when we give the tree a shake…
or the wind is strong…
some memories just fall.

Memories can be unpredictable…
some are ephemeral
some irrepressible….
Still…it's nice to know we have a place
where they are so accessible

Wednesday, August 12, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: memories
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