-white Rabbit Poem by George Hunter

-white Rabbit

I had a white rabbit named Sam
Who one day went on the lam.
When he came back
I knew he’d been in the sack
‘Cause he kept singing
Wham, bam, thank you Mam.

I knew he’d had him some fun
When he’d been on the run
’Cause he acted real shy
Wouldn’t look me in the eye
That fat old son-of-a-gun.

So I got up early one morning
And it had happened without any warning.
I hadn’t been too sage
For when I looked in his cage
I saw six wabbits had been aborning

You know what they say about rabbits
And their natural sexual habits
To them it’s terrific
To be so prolific
And produce a lot of wabbits.

Thinking back it was auspicious
And it seemed a little suspicious.
I guess I’d noticed that
He was getting so fat
But I thought it was something nutritious

Should have realized in my profundity
Of a rabbit’s great fecundity
And kept him locked tighter
And realized that the blighter
Might take a trip to the city.

So how wrong can you get
About your soft rabbit pet
One day he’s a he
And the next she’s a she,
So I changed his name to Samette

edhnenejdejdn 10 June 2019

there was a typo in the lyrics

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Monica Choudhury 14 July 2015

So very very very funny. love it

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Monica Choudhury 14 July 2015

I love it. Such fun!

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Carol Gall 19 July 2009

very good humor i amstill laughing thanks

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