Who Is A Woman? - (Women's Day 2021) Poem by Bernedita Rosinha Pinto

Who Is A Woman? - (Women's Day 2021)

Who is a Woman?
Justice is a woman
with quest for righteousness and dignity, in her mind,
Dedication is a woman
with faithfulness and tremendous passion in her heart.
Equality is a woman
with fairness and compassion in her life.
Freedom is a woman
with free-will and determination in her decisions.
Unity is a woman
with ideology of harmony and persistent togetherness.
Happiness is a woman
with tears inside her eyes yet smiling every time.
Courage is a woman
with strength and bravery interlocked in her pulse.
Grace is a woman
with fortitude and solidarity interweaved in her vows.
Mother is a woman
with children in her bosom and at her breasts.
Daughter is a woman
with dreams awaiting to blossom
and bloom as she grows.
Sister is a woman
with concern that is silent and genuine.
Aunt is a woman
with kindness and care in her offerings.
Grandmother is woman
with wisdom and generosity amidst her sufferings
Friend is a woman
with helpful attitude and encouragement in her rhythm.
Leader is a woman
with direction and achievement in her system.
Girl is a woman
with birth of a child and responsibilities on her shoulder.
Providence is a woman
when she cares and fends for her family.
Loyalty is a woman
when from her womb flow rivers of love and generations.

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