Kewayne Wadley

Gold Star - 25,673 Points (1987- / Groton, Connecticutt)

Whos Geisha - Poem by Kewayne Wadley

I've never used my sword in combat before, the thought never came to mind,
My hands have never seen honor nor vengence outside of my lover's touch, for she was all they knew,
My lovely geisha,
The sun that beams down across her skin, the small speckles
Fair as the display the sun leaves behind to linger,
Just before the moon appears,
Restoring the light that's appeared the many times I've sipped passion from her lips,
The countless times my hands have gripped her hips, tightly,
Pushing passion deeply as it can go,
My fairest Geisha,
I promised one day I'd return to kiss the lips that's climaxed to each moan thats touched the heavens,
How the angels must envy your song of pleasure,
As there is no resemblance to an angel as pure as you,
still, I pray to them for safe passage,
To kiss the lips outside the window where our harvest is plowed,
Underneath the moon where we've tossed and turned passionately,
Over the grains of rice,
In the bushels before day arrived,
Geisha, my fairest geisha,
We were married the first look I gave,
Our movements were more than vulgar, no longer bachleor to the gift of thoughts that come with your presence,
Days have passed, even months since I've heard from my fairest geisha,
Her touch has decayed as nights grew lonely in an revolution that was far from mine,
Taken far from home, far from her touch,
She became my every thought,
I've built a small warehouse with every thought of her that came,
My appearence became rigid,
No longer aristocratic, my hair became wild, my clothes torn around the edges,
as her touch would fill the river banks that kept my mind at ease,
Slowly my mind began the verbal abuse that ate away at my very being, my soul ached, my household was no longer my own,
My heart had forsaken me,
It crumbled when news broke that she'd found another,
My face no longer carried a look of concern as vengence soon over took my eyes,
At that moment I wished I was blind,
Night fell,
I listened to the crickets creek their song as my pain still hasn't found release,
Later that night I crept back to my village,
Passing the bamboo that stuck out of the pond,
I approached the field that overlooked the cottage where I left my love,
A light lingered in the window above an uncatered harvest,
Slowly I crept til I reached the window,
At first I could see nothing,
My heart grew at ease as everything looked the same,
Suddenly I saw another in place,
Graping the back I use to hug so tenderly, taking the lips in vow that were mine,
I was overtaken,
Anger coursed through my veins,
Such hurt, confusion,
Before I knew it I jumped in the window sword unsheathed,
Before that moment I've never felt anything like that before,
I couldn't unsee what I've just done,
There on the floor lay slain,
My darling geisha, and her lover whom she took as her own,
Regret felt the sockets of my eyes, whether right or wrong,
My heart died before me as blood lead a trail to where I stood,
I shattered the only mirror there was in the cottage,
Ashamed of what I've done,
I saw her everywhere I looked,
Sadden eyes, with the scar with blood still poured,
Without a choice I grabbed two shards of the mirror and jabbed
Them in my eyes,
The pain grew more intense,
Blinded, lost in the screams that felt the night,
Still she appeared, hunting my sins

Topic(s) of this poem: hate, love, pain, regret, sorrow, suffering

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